GIFT CARD for ORIGINAL pet portrait

$130.00 - $360.00
  • GIFT CARD for ORIGINAL pet portrait
  • GIFT CARD for ORIGINAL pet portrait
  • GIFT CARD for ORIGINAL pet portrait
  • GIFT CARD for ORIGINAL pet portrait
  • GIFT CARD for ORIGINAL pet portrait

This listing is for a GIFT CARD that entitles the holder to a custom watercolour painting of any pet. This is ideal for if you want to get someone a pet portrait but don't know how to get pictures of their pet from them without ruining the surprise. This way, they can deal with me directly and order exactly what they want!

After you purchase this, I will email you a digital gift card with a unique code, which can be redeemed by the recipient of your gift.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping is included in this listing because I still have to ship the final product out to the recipient! The shipping is for that, not for the delivery of the gift card, which happens digitally.

Each portrait comes with a decorative border of the client's choice. Most people choose flowers, but I can also do other items such as feathers, stones, leaves, kibble, bits of string, etc.

My examples show mostly dogs and cats, but I am happy to paint any kind of animal. :)

I use professional grade paints and papers to ensure the maximum colour vibrancy and the best longevity of your artwork. I take pride in my materials and work and would like it to last a long time, and bring you lots of joy for years to come. It is for this reason that I recommend you have your artwork professionally framed - this will ensure that it lasts a very long time.

What I will need from you via email after you purchase the listing:

- at least one high quality, clear photograph of the animal in the pose you want it painted in. Multiple references are always useful.

- a description of the type of border you would like (flowers, rocks, plants, etc)

- a phone number for the couriers. I will never share this with anyone but the couriers. It is purely so that we can make sure your order gets to you smoothly.


1. This listing is for animals only. Painting humans, while I am capable of doing so, simply isn't my strong point, nor is it nearly as much fun for me as painting animals. If you are looking for someone to do a family portrait or a portrait of your baby, you will probably have better luck with a different artist. :)

2. This artwork is for personal use only. If you want to commission something for use on merchandise, business logos or other forms of branding or artistic reproduction, please message me, and we can work out a licensing agreement.